Antonio Lumley

Antonio was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology and pursued an exciting career in Construction Management and Engineering. He has always been an artist at heart and loves to see things that are physically created and tangible. Now as a proud father of two spunky school-aged boys, he decided to try something new. As an avid comic book reader and superhero admirer, he decided to make his own brand of modern day superheroes that kids could relate and gravitate to. His writing style incorporates life lessons, current themes, and humor. From that idea Brook & Brax was born. Come follow Brook & Brax on their adventure to become the new heroes of 2022.

New Release by Antonio Lumley


After defeating Puke, Lil Dumps, and the Stank Rebels, Brook & Brax bring peace and hope back to Moondrop Academy. Little do they know, evil is brewing once more. With a new classmate, Akari, in the dojo, the boys find out quickly that her skills are far superior to theirs and they struggle to keep up.

As they train, an old foe rises from the ashes of Sensei Iron Post’s complicated past.  former training partner, Akuno, went rogue many years ago, utilizing his martial arts skills to cause mayhem and destruction. During his menacing crime spree, his uncontrollable rage turned him into the wicked Anaconda King, vowing to destroy Sensei Iron Post and everyone he loves.

Now the Anaconda King’s back, along with the sinister Vulture, Hyena, and Blue Scorpion ninjas, his prized students under his dark tutelage. Will the Anaconda King finally hunt down Sensei Iron Post? Can Brook, Brax, and the team   The fate of mankind is in their hands…

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